hero of SuperHost Challenge, Season 1 (Jan 2023)

SuperHost Challenge, Season 1 (Jan 2023)

A new year means that a new SuperSpaces Challenge is here for all you Twitter Spaces Hosts out there! And this time, we’re evolving to make things more fair and fun for all of you. Ready to play the SuperHost Challenge, Season 1?  

Let’s start off with some general leaderboard updates to bring you up to speed:

Ever since November we started showcasing hosts on both Solana and Ethereum chains and thanks to your feedback we will now take it a step further: we will unite all hosts in a Web3 leaderboard based on which this challenge will run. The ability to filter for Solana and Ethereum hosts remains. 

Since the launch of our leaderboards, we have also heard feedback that the scoring for our challenges and rankings should place more emphasis on quality over quantity. We heard you, and we listened. So, starting on January 4th, we’ll be re-setting our leaderboard with the introduction of a new classification - the SuperScore.

The SuperScore will determine who hosts the highest quality Spaces throughout January and beyond. If your New Year’s resolution was to level up your Spaces game and become the best host you can be, well, we have you covered… 

So, what’s the SuperScore?

The SuperScore has been introduced as a way to fine tune the measurement of a Spaces’ true quality. It is the average of all your Spaces’ individual scores which you can find in your SuperSpaces dashboard. The score is determined with the following variables, in order of importance:

  • Engaged Listeners (EL)
    • How many of your audience members listen in for longer than 10 minutes?
  • Engagement Score (ES) 
    • What’s the ratio of engaged listeners to your total listeners?
  • Total Speaker Followers (TSF)
    • How many aggregate followers do your speakers have all together?
  • Average Reactions per Listener (ARL)
    • How many total reactions per listener are obtained?

How can I increase my SuperScore? 

Rather than running a challenge during which you accumulate scores, we decided that making it a game of averages is what best promotes quality. Those who focus on growing their audiences to be larger and more engaged every single time will win. You could host 100 Spaces this season, but if they do not improve progressively across the four metrics above you will not end up ranking higher.

How do I qualify? 

I know what you are thinking: but what if I only hosted or co-hosted one Space with the highest score and then stopped, would I win this challenge? The short answer: no. You will still rank high in the leaderboard, even as a co-host, however, in order to qualify, two conditions apply:

1. You must have hosted at least one Space (cannot only be co-host)

2. You must host or co-host a minimum of 8 Spaces for the duration of the challenge

As long as you fulfill those conditions, you qualify. May the algorithm be with you!

The SuperHost Challenge Season 1 

From January 4th to January 31st, the top Web3 hosts will be entered into Season 1 of The SuperHost Challenge. Friendly or competitive, take it as you will, but this challenge will be all about the SuperScore to determine who ranks highest on the leaderboards. Winners will ultimately be the hosts who achieved the highest quality rating in January, and they will claim this Season’s bounties.

The SuperHost Challenge Season 1

An Epic Prize Pool

We are starting off 2023 with the fireworks! Our biggest prize pool to date will surely motivate our SuperHosts and make for some exciting content. Otherside Deeds, $ApeCoin, y00ts, Vee Friends, Claynosaurz are just some of the prizes that are up for grabs in this Season 1 Challenge. Join us January 31 when the winners and their prizes will be announced at a special Grand Finale on Twitter Spaces. 

An Epic Prize Pool

SuperScore Challenge Bounties

The top 5 Web3 Hosts with the highest SuperScore will be gifted the following prizes:

1st Place: Otherside Deed + $500 ApeCoin

2nd Place: y00t #1157

3rd Place: Vee Friends 2 #29266 (ETH) or Claynosaurz #9514 (SOL)

4th Place: Alien Frens Evolution #7443 (ETH) or Everseed Rangers #2515 (SOL)

5th Place: Nyolings #7695 (ETH) or Liberty Square: The Hallowed (SOL)

More Chances to WIN: 

SuperSpaces has brought back some of our most popular bounties but with a new twist. We call them Combination Bounties where we merge two bounties into one. These combinations stick with this Seasons theme of Quality over Quantity. Check them out!

The Collaborator X The All-Star

The Collaborator X The All-Star

The Farmer X Mystery Metric

The Farmer X Mystery Metric

The SuperSpeaker and SuperListener Bounties are also back by popular demand.


Please note that one person cannot win more than one bounty! If you happen to rank at the top across more than one metric, the highest value bounty will be awarded. It is your responsibility to provide your wallet address to SuperSpaces to claim your reward. In case it isn’t provided until the next challenge begins your bounty is forfeited.

Let’s see who hosts the highest quality Spaces of the season.

Ready, Set, Host!

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