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SuperHost Challenge FAQ

Have you been nominated on our Twitter to be in the first top 100 hosts of Web3 Twitter Spaces? You’re in good company. Twitter Spaces has hit a new growth record with Elon hosting their first Spaces that crossed 2M in listens. So we decided to make Elon an honorary member of our first ever SuperHost challenge. No doubt one day Web3 Spaces audiences will grow to be in the millions, too. SuperSpaces exists to help us get there. In this write up we aim to cover all the questions you might have when it comes to the SuperHost challenge. Let’s get to it:

Why run a challenge?

Because it’s fun and we want you to win. You have been working hard to put out content consistently. Your network as a host has been growing despite the markets declining. There are compound returns awaiting you if you keep building audience throughout the tough times. We at SuperSpaces want to motivate and incentivise you to host the best Spaces you can while enabling you to grow the right way. Twitter doesn’t give us proper analytics, so we had to roll up our sleeves and figure this one out for the team. As a SaaS product our sole focus lies in empowering Web3 content creators with the tools to beat the algorithm and monetise.

What data is in the ranking?

Over the past weeks we have monitored hosts and their Spaces, starting with Solana and gradually expanding into Ethereum and other chains. Tens of thousands of different Spaces across Web3 are ready to be tracked by our system. For this particular challenge we have scoped out what we consider to be the top 100 hosts and co-hosts in the Solana ecosystem across a wide array of metrics. SuperSpaces tracks several dozen data points per space such as unique listeners, emoji reactions and replays. We know a lot of hosts with a large audience size already, like @ShiLLin_ViLLian or @frankdegods, and throughout the challenge you will get to a deeper level of insight:

  • Who hosts the longest Spaces and are they efficient for audience building?
  • Who is most engaging in terms of reactions per listener?
  • Who rotates speakers the most and fosters diverse voices in their Spaces?

What’s in it for you?

While we’re all about making you smarter, it’s also no secret that we like to have fun while we’re at it. This is why we implemented over 40 Bounties for you to claim in case you unlock first, second or third place across our rankings. Some of them are open, and others are a surprise to be revealed on November 28 in our Twitter Community Spaces. Next to either USDC, NFTs or audio equipment, we will also reserve you eternal glory. Depending on your performance as a Spaces host you may or may not go down in history as:

The Bounties

Each category ranks you across a metric or a combination of metric compared to others. In addition to the prizes shown below we will give out several months of paid SuperSpaces subscriptions worth $500+ as well as $1000+ worth of USDC. You might be reading this thinking that there is nothing in it for you because you use Twitter Spaces mostly to listen and sometimes speak. We hear you. Later this week we will be releasing additional bounties solely dedicated to listeners and speakers. Stay tuned and join our Spaces announcement on Wednesday, 16th of November.


What’s in it for SuperSpaces?

Let’s not beat around the bush here: we are trying out something new and need to find the co-creators amongst you. Our customers are in Web3 and understanding whose needs are best solved with our solution is vital to our growth. This is why we want to experiment with the magical world of Spaces and obsess around it. So don’t hesitate to give feedback, we will treat it as a gift. If we have managed to provide value to you, we will ask you to refer friends and share our solution with others who might need it so you can earn your cut.

Let’s talk next steps

For those that did not make the cut: In case you didn’t make this selection, don’t be discouraged. Either you didn’t show up in our data for a number of reasons (we are not omnipresent just yet) or you are mostly co-hosting or speaking on Spaces which doesn’t qualify you for the current challenge. Rest assured, this will not be the last time we run something like this. As our platform opens up there will be many more bounties ready to claim for a bigger audience. Feel free to ping us whenever you start up a Spaces, have something to celebrate or are looking for speakers and co-hosts. We are just here to help.

For those that accepted the challenge: you are in for a wild ride. Twitter’s algorithm is not the only thing that we will break together. Although this software has been crafted with a lot of love and care by our developers Mark and Daan, we cannot rule out issues. Whenever you encounter a kink or something that doesn’t make sense, please share it so we can improve it together. If you have any creative ideas or special wishes, also let us know. We are first to market with this kind of tool and truly believe it has the potential to change the game of how Web3 communities are built. We couldn’t be more excited to show you what’s in store for us. Ready, set, host!

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