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How To Start Your First Twitter Spaces Show

If there was ever a perfect time to embark on a new adventure, it’s at the start of a new year. As exciting as undertaking something for the first time can be, it can also be daunting. But we would never let you venture into the unknown alone.

So, how can I successfully start my first Twitter Spaces you ask?

We reached out to some of the top hosts in our community to hear and share their single most impactful piece of advice for aspiring Twitter Spaces hosts. This blog will feature all of them so that you can hear first hand how to level up your Spaces game - just in time for 2023.

Before You Get Started

To ensure success on your first Twitter Spaces endeavor, it pays off to tune into more experienced host’s Spaces and see how they conduct a room. Audiences appreciate talks that develop new ideas, have inspiring conversations, or provide entertainment value. So, before you launch your own show, we invite you to study what works and what doesn’t. Choose a chain and browse the top 100 on our SuperSpaces leaderboard. Tune into the shows of these highly ranked hosts (the leaderboard now displays which hosts are live in real-time) and listen to learn. Reflect on the content provided, and ask yourself: Why does this type of content pull an audience? Why does it get this many emojis during key moments? What type of people are joining to speak? What topics of conversation are being spoken about?

Quote of Smokey

Sm0key, who hosts the weekly Spaces for the y00ts account, gave his perspective: “Gain some experience first by listening to hosts who do a great job facilitating the development of ideas in a room.” For Moishe it’s all about spotting potential team mates early on, too: “Find co-hosts who are reliable and can show up consistently together with you”. After some research Moishe started off in August with the right team and grew his media account to over 10000 followers in less than four months.

Set Yourself Up For Success

So, you’ve done your research. You’ve spent the time traversing the very best Spaces to see what works and what doesn’t, and you're ready to make your first appearance. But, before that, it’s essential that you have one fundamental component sorted - your equipment. While professional audio tools certainly help, they aren’t necessary at this stage of your Spaces journey. Any mobile phone with a good microphone and a solid internet connection works just fine to start. But keep in mind, no one wants to hear distracting background noise as you are on air, so make sure you’re in an environment that enables your voice to be heard. Once you decide you want to level up, we recommend a Desktop setup using the RODECaster Pro or the more accessible MaonoCaster Lite.

Speak First, Host Second.

Now that you’re all set up, you're one step closer to hosting your first Twitter Spaces show. However, an ideal way to ease into this is to join other Spaces as a speaker, sharing well thought out takes, and making yourself heard.

Quote of Chris

In the words of our Ethereum SuperHost Captain Zwingli: “Go down onto the SuperSpaces leaderboard, find some other hosts and don’t be afraid to shoot your shot! Show up on other Spaces as well, and add to the conversation with a hot take, be authentic, be yourself and that way you will pick up followers that are genuinely interested in you.”

Adopting this approach will enable you to gain confidence, become a better speaker, understand the flow of conversation on Spaces, and start to build meaningful connections with people who share the same interests. Zwingli recalls how difficult it was to start off.. He met his team of co-hosts in a BAYC subcommunity and recalls not breaking more than 100 listeners on any given day during their first month. Today, a year later, they pull 1000 listeners on an average day. “We didn’t stop no matter what, and I can guarantee that our show’s quality hasn’t improved tenfold. We just followed a consistent plan”, he concludes. Easy, who is Partner at NFT media company NiftyPortal, echoes this: “You wont pull an audience day one, you will grow, get better, and the audience will come.”

Quote of Easy

Own It And Show Up Consistently

The old adage remains true - consistency is the key to success. On Spaces, that truth is undeniable as the best hosts separate themselves from the rest by showing up on a regular basis. This commitment is evident by simply looking at the amount of Spaces hosted and total airtime on our SuperSpaces leaderboard.

Quote of Alex

While short term intensity is powerful, long term consistency is what wins. Alex, who is December’s number one SuperHost on Solana, has been showing up for his audience religiously. His main shows are called Pontification and Capitulation and managed to draw in over 60000 unique listeners in December alone. One must be aware that Twitter Spaces shows are competitive. At any given moment there are dozens of other shows going on vying for the same attention. Creating a catchy name and hosting them at the same time every week will enable you to create a loyal community that will tune in no matter what.

While Twitter Spaces are still relatively new, they have quickly become the de facto standard for marketing and public relations of any serious builder. The good news is that - you’re still early on the trend. By learning from the best, analyzing what works, putting yourself out there and staying consistent, you’re building a foundation for success. And remember, whenever you start up a Spaces, have something to celebrate or are looking for speakers and co-hosts, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help. We’re excited to show you what we have in store for you in the new year, and we’re curious to see how your Twitter Spaces game develops. Good luck in 2023!

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